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The Smoothie Diet

The Smoothie Diet really is the best! Those who are often on the move or attempting to reduce weight would confirm if you ask them. If prepared correctly, they are also excellent.

So how can you properly include them into your diet to gain the most benefit from them? The Smoothie Diet by Drew Sgoutas could answer your questions if you’ve been interested in it.

This booklet lists the healthiest smoothie recipes you can eat to lose pounds. Is it just another cookbook, then? It is a personalized 21-day smoothie-based weight reduction regimen.

What is the Smoothie Diet

A fitness instructor created a 21-day diet regimen called the Smoothie Diet. According to the product’s website, Drew Sgoutas analyzed his customers and combined his findings with his coaching expertise to create unique smoothie recipes that would change how the ordinary person loses weight.

During the week, the plan is to replace two meals with smoothies. On the seventh day, you are allowed to have a regular dinner devoid of any smoothies. But for the smoothie diet to be as successful as possible, it is advised to consume a balanced meal.

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Nutrient-rich ingredients with varying constitutions and traits are used in the recipe for a smoothie every day. This program will provide a daily calorie deficit shown to cause weight loss if strictly followed.

What is The Smoothie Diet? Is it Genuine?

Drew Sgoutas, a renowned health coach, developed a digital diet regimen called The Smoothie Diet. With this diet, he hopes to assist you in consuming less sugar and fat while consuming fewer calories.

The program offers a personalized strategy for replacing some of your solid meals with smoothies prepared from organic ingredients. Thanks to these foods, your body may completely transform in three weeks.

You may lose weight quickly by including the proper nutrients and portion quantities into a well-thought-out diet plan. You may do it with The Smoothie Diet’s 21-day diet program.

Drew, a qualified health coach with a background in nutrition, is aware of how perplexing and scary the idea of losing weight can be. He created The Smoothie Diet as a convenience.

He wants to ensure that you realize how important it is to prepare meals using “genuine” ingredients and avoid all the processed foods we are used to eating. Such processed meals are fattening and harmful.

The Smoothie Diet uses the same strategy Drew used in his personal and professional life. This has aided hundreds in achieving extraordinary outcomes quickly.

The Smoothie Diet Program’s ingredients

The Smoothie Diet program is a compilation of numerous resources rather than just a list of 21 smoothie recipes. If you use these tools by the instructions, they will assist you in finishing the program as quickly as possible. It also includes other components that might help boost the smoothie diet’s effectiveness. The software comes with the following things:

A Calendar of 21 Days

During the three weeks, you will follow the plan; there is a daily schedule for your meals. Two smoothies are chosen daily and may be customized to your tastes and preferences. You will discover a daily summary of how many calories the smoothie diet may help you consume.

Every day, there are two nutritious snacks and one nutritious lunch. The comprehensive strategy holds your hand during the three-week trip. You may easily repeat or adapt the program in response to your family’s requirements since it is so thorough and beneficial.

The Weekly Shopper’s List of All Smoothie Recipes’ Shopping

A shopping list for each week will make getting the components for smoothies easier for you. Making a list of all the groceries you’ll need in advance will allow you to avoid the stress of running to the store in the middle of the week. The list will also save you the trouble of recalling the needed materials and the potential for forgetting a few items.

Smoothie Making Instructions

The lesson will demonstrate the most excellent smoothies and effective preparation techniques. You may stop experimenting with various preparation methods and start preparing delectable, nutritious smoothies. This makes it the perfect regimen for busy people who want to reduce weight.

3 Days of Detoxification

That is one of the perks included in the package. The Smoothie Diet’s official website claims that just this program is worth the cost of the whole bundle. It is a curriculum that may complete before beginning the 21-day schedule. It is said to help with bodily cleansing, balance, and restoration. While the weight reduction won’t last, it is an excellent alternative for a short weight loss solution.

Shortcut Guide

The fast start guide concisely summarizes all the data covered in the three-week curriculum. It’s designed for those who want to skip reading through many sources before getting to the most exciting content.

The characteristics of the Smoothie Diet Program


Customizing it to fit your tastes is one of its key benefits. If one is not suited for you or you can’t locate it at the store, you may replace it with another ingredient from the list that comes with it. This implies that you don’t have to be concerned about having an allergy to a particular substance. You can decide what you eat daily since it’s only an indicator.


The cost of the program is another perk. It is available for $37 and has all its features. A 60-day money-back guarantee is also included. All the evidence you need to believe a 21-day course is that you are purchasing it. In addition, the components are those that you would generally see on a shopping list.


Most individuals need to include extra fiber and fruits in their regular diet. By seamlessly incorporating these fruits and vegetables into your diet, our program will help modify this. It will result in a healthier physique and a better lifestyle. Also, this diet permits you to consume different foods or a snack. Some diets need you to stick to a strict, long-term eating regimen. Instead of enhancing your health, this may worsen it.

Extra Benefits

In addition to helping people lose weight, fruits positively affect their health. The complexion of many individuals who have tried the 21-day Smoothie Diet has consistently improved, according to their comments. Oranges are renowned for their remarkable anti-aging qualities and their antioxidant content. For instance, science has shown red grapes to have positive skin impacts. Moreover, most fruits include extra attributes that aid in your ability to fend off disease and live a better life.

Electronic Product

The fact that The 21-Day Smoothie Diet is entirely digital and accessible to anybody worldwide is another reason you should think about utilizing it. Nothing will be sent to you, and there are no shipping expenses or wait times to be worried about. On the website, you must pay $37 to access all the required files, which you can download. With the help of a blender and a few bucks, you can make this diet plan work.

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How Does The Smoothie Diet Work?

In only 21 days, the smoothie diet is supposed to produce effects. Before starting the 21-day program, you must complete a 3-day detox. This helps to prepare your body and wash out any pollutants.

Then start your 3-week adventure, replacing two substantial meals daily with smoothies prepared from organic, fresh ingredients. A low-calorie meal of your choosing should be your third meal.

The program advises taking one cheat day every week, even if there is a list of items to avoid daily. The strategy may be repeated whenever you feel like you’ve gained weight.

smoothies Drink

What must you consume while participating in this program? The smoothies you’ll drink during the training will mainly include fruits and vegetables as components. Moreover, they contain specific proteins and good fats.

The recommendations will aid in planning the day’s only substantial low-calorie lunch. The program provides whole-food meals and suggestions for high-fiber, low-sugar snacks.

You eliminate the toxins from processed food from your diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, low-calorie meals with lean meats, and healthy fats. You also give up eating bad things.

So, this program aids in resolving dietary and lifestyle issues and undoing the damaging consequences that regular intake of unhealthy foods has had on your body, ranging from diabetes to obesity.

Thanks to the diet, your daily calorie consumption may drop to as little as 1200 calories. You’ll undoubtedly see a significant weight loss if you eat three low-calorie meals daily, including two 400-calorie meals.

In addition to being a great source of healthy carbohydrates, fruit sugars, plant-based proteins, and other nutrients, smoothies are also bursting with fiber. They, therefore, reduce your appetite and help you stay fuller for longer.

The smoothie diet kicks off a chain of positive dietary and lifestyle adjustments. As a result, it reduces medical disorders’ symptoms and removes illnesses’ causes.

If you don’t try to maintain your weight and form, no diet will ever have a lasting impact on your body. You learn how to include smoothies in your daily diet via the program.

How to Use The Smoothie Diet

It would help if you went through a 3-day detox plan before beginning The Smoothie Diet program, during which you must swap out all three of your solid daily meals for smoothies.

After the 21-day schedule has begun, you will get meal-replacement smoothies twice daily for breakfast and lunch, and solid meals will be served in the evening for the third meal. Also available are various satiating.

There is lots of space for changes. To avoid becoming bored or experiencing cravings, you might have a flexible day when you have one smoothie rather than two.

Some users go far as to substitute smoothies for all three of their daily meals, even though this might require more essential proteins and fats. The cycle may be repeated whenever you desire.

Moreover, remember that this is just the beginning of a long road. A few weeks will be spent on this diet; afterward, you must continue consuming nutritious, low-calorie meals.

Those who should try this diet Those who ought not

Smoothies made with organic fruits and vegetables are essential. Hence, The Smoothie Diet is an excellent strategy for those who want to begin their weight reduction journey.

They may also be crucial in supplementing the diets of those always on the move with nutrients. Smoothies might be helpful for those who wind up missing breakfast or consuming unhealthy food when dining out.

Smoothies may provide you with a fast carbohydrate boost before your workouts. They help you feel fuller for longer, which aids in weight reduction.

Interestingly, the digital book features a section just for youngsters! You can use smoothies to improve your child’s nutrition, and The Smoothie Diet will show you how to do it properly.

However, does one needs to avoid The Smoothie Diet? Due to the natural components used in smoothies, anybody with a food allergy has to be cautious while implementing this diet.

If you are allergic to any of the meal plan’s recommended items, speaking with a doctor or nutritionist is a good idea.

If you have diabetes or other health issues that prevent you from eating specific foods, you should also speak with your doctor or a dietitian.

Smoothie Diet Side Effects

Although fruits and vegetables are the main components of smoothies, continuing this diet beyond the first 21 days may result in nutritional deficits.

Since this is a liquid diet, you may feel less energetic. Moreover, the abrupt dietary shift may result in headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, and other health issues.

Consuming liquid smoothies over an extended period may cause muscle loss. If you follow a liquid diet for a prolonged period, you might acquire gallstones or digestive problems.

You could also develop a bad connection with solid meals when you lose experience with good behaviors like portion management, meal scheduling, coping with hunger sensations, etc.

Consequently, adhering to the instructions for 21 days is crucial to include excellent proteins, fats, and other nutrients. You should eventually go back to solids and maintain a balanced diet.


  • Smoothie meals with natural ingredients and low calories.
  • Uses shopping lists to make supermarket shopping simpler.
  • Meal preparation and eating are quick and straightforward.
  • Weight and fat reduction that is noticeable in less than a month.
  • A great technique to innovate on the body, skin, and hair.


  • While being diverse and natural, the diet is high in carbs.
  • One must begin developing mindful eating practices to maintain the diet’s effects.
  • Only offered for purchase on the official website.

By reducing calories and fat, the diet certainly drastically alters your body. But to stop muscle loss and speed up metabolism, you must consume lean protein and healthy fats.

It would help if you also considered that you could not live on a liquid diet for the rest of your life. It doesn’t imply you should immediately resume your harmful eating patterns after finishing the program.

You will get the weight back if your healthy food plan is not maintained. Yet it is typical of every diet strategy. None of these may be used as a shortcut to lifelong fitness.

The smoothie diet requires conscious eating, as does any short-term diet plan, which is valid for this diet. You may resume your diet if you start to gain weight.

What to Look for in Discounts When Purchasing The Smoothie Diet

The Official website is the only place to buy the Smoothie Diet. The payment system used by the platform is ClickBank. You will thus get a secure gateway as a result.

The total cost of the bundle is $47. Nevertheless, if you visit the website at the right moment, you may get a $10 discount, making the final cost $37.

You will get access to the digital book as soon as the payment is made. You won’t get a paper copy at your postal address, and you may use the ebooks immediately.

Reviews of the Smoothie Diet: Final Thoughts 

Are you attempting to lose weight and start eating healthier but need help determining where to begin? Starting your journey with the smoothie diet might be a healthy and nourishing option.

It is a simple and fast approach to losing weight and fat and completely altering your physique in a short amount of time. It may also change your way of life and instill healthy eating practices.

The 21-day plan includes two meal replacement smoothies and one low-calorie solid meal. It may undo the negative impact poisonous food has on your body.

The program will assist you in a thoughtful transition to a sustainable diet plan of filling meals after the 21-day plan. Smoothies are also included to help you maintain the new physique you get from this regimen.

You can request a refund even if it doesn’t work for you. So, changing your lifestyle to one that emphasizes the value of fresh fruits and vegetables is a safe alternative.


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