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Super Affiliate System

John Crestani created training for affiliate marketers called The Super Affiliate System Review. It was formerly known as the Internet Jetset System. The video-based course demonstrates how to launch a lucrative affiliate marketing company and earn a respectable monthly sum.

John Crestani developed the Super Affiliate System to assist individuals in affiliate marketing success and money management.

Content from Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing system that allows you to earn commissions from products you recommend to others. It’s easy to set up and has been proven to work.

One of the numerous online courses available is the Super Affiliate System. It features more than 50 hours of information. Therefore it takes longer than six weeks to complete. To aid students in remembering what they have studied, Crestani incorporates quizzes and assignments into his video lessons and lectures.

The following languages offer affiliate marketing training: English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Gaining proficiency in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Native Ads typically take six weeks. John Crestani provides simple templates for creating advertising and landing pages for promotions and increasing site traffic.

Here is how this system works:

Six parts make up Super Affiliate System. For users to earn their initial commissions, the developer begins by explaining how to set up their affiliate links and adverts. He explains how to locate and utilize the most exemplary affiliate networks in the second part of this segment.

In the second section, Crestani discusses choosing a speciality that properly suits an individual. Additionally, he operates high-commission networks that let affiliates earn 50% more than the competition. They will study advanced marketing techniques, including writing persuasive content and creating solid presells in the final section. One will acquire the knowledge necessary to maximize the returns on all affiliate marketing endeavours.

In the fourth session, John Crestani will demonstrate using Facebook and Google Ads to generate additional income. According to the developer, these two social networks are the finest for social marketing. They will learn how to utilize YouTube advertising in the fifth section. The sixth and final section will teach readers about survey funnels.

Crestani offers more than 50 hours of well-organized instructive films in addition to the primary curriculum. They will get many goodies, such as specially created landing pages, swipes, and ad settings.

What does the Super Affiliate System perform?

John Crestani created training for affiliate marketers called The Super Affiliate System. It was formerly known as the Internet Jetset System. The video-based course demonstrates how to launch a lucrative affiliate marketing company and earn a respectable monthly sum. According to John Crestani, the tactic may enable individuals to make more than $2500 weekly.

Most of the training videos are on creating funnels and paid advertising methods. The technology was to consumers by John Crestani in 2015, and at first, it was pretty expensive. The cost has significantly decreased recently, allowing consumers to purchase it without incurring debt.

The course is an introduction

The course’s opening module is this one. What the Super Affiliate System course is all about will be explained in this part. Additionally, it will educate customers about affiliate marketing and the advantages of investing in this field of advertising.

The dashboard and the secrets to affiliate marketing success need a login.

Users may learn more about the Super Affiliate System community and how to utilize the membership website from John Crestani.

  • Week 1: System configuration

John will discuss the benefits of goal-setting for affiliate marketing during the System Setup week. Additionally, he will discuss the advantages of creating a website for affiliate marketing.

A domain name and website hosting are essential components of affiliate marketing. Therefore, understanding domain registration and website hosting are crucial. John will assist users with creating their presell pages, commonly known as pre-built funnels. It may create manually or using Clickfunnels. Additionally, one will learn how to create campaigns, set up Facebook advertising, and choose the most lucrative affiliate offers.

  • Week 2: Setting up Google Ads and Campaigns

If individuals wish to increase their earnings from affiliate marketing, they should learn about and use Google Ads, one sort of sponsored advertising. The advertisements appear on users’ screens when they enter the desired terms into Google’s search engine. In Week 2, Crestani will provide customers with the resources they need to get all their Google advertising on the first page. Additionally, it will provide strategies for selecting the appropriate people, places, and gadgets.

  • Week 3: Excellent YouTube Ad Configuration

This training, designed for both seasoned and beginning affiliate marketers, took John Crestani a lot of effort to comprehend. John Crestani assigns his pupils to create YouTube advertisements in the third week. Additionally, people will learn how to optimize their YouTube channel for affiliate marketing.

  • Week 4: Advanced advertising strategies

People know how to use cutting-edge advertising strategies to generate money online. Additionally, the affiliate marketer highlights the most frequent errors affiliate marketers make while creating their advertising. He now instructs the audience to submit to him and win their faith. He will also demonstrate effective use of headlines, keywords, copywriting, and landing pages.

  • Week 5: Pre-order pages and the ability to expand

This module aims to assist affiliate marketers in using resold pages to expand their companies. Both manually create a presell page and use Clickfunnels as a helpful tool. To be an affiliate marketer, people must be knowledgeable about split testing, pre-sale sites, basic scaling, payment increases, and other techniques. Additionally, John Crestani provides the templates required to create pages.

  • Week 6: Choosing the Best Products to Promote

Must pick The correct items if the affiliate marketing goal is to increase profits. People may access markets and niches that will always exist, thanks to Crestani. Along with talking about money, they discuss topics like happiness, fitness, and health. Additionally, one will learn how to choose the most incredible Clickbank offerings and leverage other affiliate marketing networks.

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What is the price of the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System course has a $997 fee. In addition, John Crestani offers a payment plan with three instalments of $397, totalling $1191. There is no need to fear since the program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers may get their money returned if they don’t observe results within a month.

One of the most pleasing aspects of this business is the possibility of refunds for customers if affiliate marketing is successful. If, after attending the course, a client does not earn $10,000, John Crestani guarantees that they will get their $997 back. The individual also receives free advertising credits and extras like swipe files, monthly training calls, and pre-made sales pages.

Feedback on John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System, both positive and negative

You will undoubtedly learn at least the fundamentals of affiliate marketing from this course. There are many benefits worth highlighting. The system has certain drawbacks, even though it is not a fraud.

Positive Comments on the Super Affiliate System

  • The training offering via the reputable affiliate network Clickbank.
  • The training includes several practical sales funnel templates that can help you save time.
  • Every week, a Q&A session is part of the live webcast.
  • There is a lot of value in the bonus package: a 40-hour training on traffic generation; two completed health niche campaigns.

Try out the course yourself with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Super Affiliate System Negative Feeback

  • After purchasing the course, there are upsells that seem a little aggressive.
  • Although it should be a crucial traffic technique for affiliate marketing, the search engine optimization training is not in-depth enough.
  • The training emphasizes paid advertising, which may not be appropriate for beginners with a small ad budget.
  • With no free trial, the course is rather costly.

Review of the Super Affiliate System: Is John Crestani a Fraud?

The Super Affiliate System is not a fraud, according to the facts. John Crestani can teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. John Crestani is, without a doubt, a savvy web marketer who has significantly profited from affiliate marketing.

Please be aware, however, that not every Super Affiliate System pupil succeeds. Following John Crestani’s instructions may earn some money, but you might not be able to make as much as John Crestani promises on the sales page.

The outcome varies and primarily depends on how you put the instruction into practice. You may need to adjust a plan sometimes to fit your particular circumstance. After all, each person is unique and has a unique combination of resources and abilities.

It’s also true that many of John Crestani’s pupils become instructors for his course. Most likely due to the course’s heavy emphasis on marketing the Super Affiliate System.

Since you are paying John Crestani to learn how to advertise his course, I find this strange. However, some believe everything is OK as long as you can profit.


First-time visitors to the Super Affiliate website immediately received many reviews and success stories. Remember that using the Super Affiliate System is not a fast method to generate a lot of cash. It takes effort, patience, and time.

The Super Affiliate System is a beautiful place to start if you’re new to affiliate marketing. With more than 50 hours of top-notch video material, kids will have all they need to get going. Its most attractive feature is the system’s weekly webinar, which allows students to discuss their progress. According to John, even if the pricing is absurd, individuals will still earn 10 times that amount in a single month.

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FAQs for the Super Affiliate System Review

The Super Affiliate System is the subject of many inquiries. Here are a few.

Is this course subject to a payment schedule?

Yes, it is the solution.

Here’s the most up-to-date version of the course

I have no money and am jobless. I want to launch at least a side hustle that will earn me cash quickly. Have you had any recommendations?

I wouldn’t advise enrolling in this course if you don’t have a significant advertising budget. It is challenging to generate a side income fast.

If you don’t have any money right now, you could consider my alternative suggestion, which I’ll explain later. Starting is cost-free.

Is tracker software required?

When using the ad networks and training platforms that John Crestani suggests, tracking software is not required, although it wouldn’t hurt to have one (especially if using native advertisements). You need access to the internet to get started.

Is the Super Affiliate System financially worthwhile?

Depending on your situation, the answer to this question will vary. If you can afford the monthly ad budget and acknowledge that you’re going to make beginner errors but see them as learning, the course may be worthwhile, and you’ll be on your path to being a successful affiliate.

Here’s the most up-to-date version of the course: Click here to check it out!


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