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Revive Daily

The Revive Daily formula is a nutritional supplement that helps relieve the body of stress and promotes deep sleep. The official website states that Revive Daily is a reliable solution for those who take a long time to fall asleep and frequently wake up exhausted. It’s also a good choice for people with a hectic schedule who have little sleeping time and even thinking about sleeping pills.

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Everyone knows that sleeping pills are hazardous and provide only an in-between solution. Natural sleep aids, however, are more secure and safe and cost less than prescription drugs. So, switching to natural alternatives is ideal instead of using random drugs and exposing the body to different dangers.

A natural sleep aid can resolve your body’s difficulties in achieving a good night’s sleep. However, the supplement might not be suitable for someone with an insomnia disorder or other medical condition. Look at the Revive Daily review to know which people should and shouldn’t take the product. Additionally, you can learn about the ingredients’ security, risks, and price details.

The Product’s NameRevive Daily
Manufacturing CountryUSA
CategoryImprove sleep and GH levels
Materials FeaturesNon-GMO
Supplement FormulaCapsules
DosageTake 2 capsules per day.
Multipack1 bottle, 3 bottles, 6 bottles
AccessibilityOnly available through the official website
Money-back guarantee60 days
Official WebsitePlease Click Here
Revive Daily

What exactly is Revive Daily?

Revive Daily can be described as a nutritious supplement that is designed to help you get the ability to get a peaceful, restful night’s sleep to boost the benefits of aging and weight loss.

Suppose you take four capsules of Revive daily for 45 to 60 minutes before bed. In that case, you can take an assortment of natural, safe, and non-habit-forming components to help you sleep peacefully without any adverse consequences. If you can get a peaceful sleep and your body produces the most hormone growth (HGH) throughout the night while speeding up fat loss and burning fat.

Revive Daily is sold exclusively through It’s priced between $34 and $69 for each bottle. Each bottle comes with 30 days worth for 30 days of Revive Daily.

Sleep and HGH

Your body produces around 75 percent of the growth hormone (HGH or GH) during sleep. So if you’re not sleeping enough, you’re having lower levels of GH, which could cause various issues.

Research has shown that getting a sufficient level of sleep (7 or 9 hours) is crucial to keep healthy levels of the HGH, the human growth hormone. Research also shows HGH is vital for energy, strength, and overall quality of life.

Also called the hormone for fitness, HGH plays a critical part in muscle growth and the brain’s function, hormone balance, immunity, and overall health.

The body’s natural production of HGH decreases as you get older. Even if you’re following a good exercise and diet regimen, you may lack HGH as you age. This could result in more time to recover, slowing the healing process of an injury and other detrimental impacts. Revive Daily can help by improving sleep and giving your body an excellent chance to maximize the production of HGH.

Exercise also encourages our bodies to make HGH. So if you exercise, it is essential to get more rest to speed up recovery. In addition, when you exercise regularly, you stand an increased chance of losing weight. Revive Daily supports sleep and HGH production, making it the perfect supplement to a vigorous lifestyle, for instance, when trying to shed weight.

Sleep and weight loss

Sleep is crucial in weight loss, which is why Revive Daily aims to optimize sleep, HGH, and weight loss.

If you’re not sleeping enough, your body is likely constantly stress-inducing. Insufficient sleep is linked to greater concentrations of hormones that cause stress, such as cortisol. When you’re stressed, it clings onto the fat rather than burning it. This is a defense mechanism; however, it can make it challenging to shed weight.

However, having enough sleep is tied to effective weight control. Sleeping sufficiently gives your body enough time to heal from exercise. Your body can heal itself overnight, generate enough HGH to recover, and also burn calories to increase the results of weight loss.

According to an earlier study that researchers conducted, loss of weight was virtually impossible if participants did not get enough rest. The participants on a diet reduced their sleep for 14 days and lost 55% less fat regardless of their eating or exercise routine. Therefore, your weight loss plan may be less effective due to sleep issues.

A different study found that good sleep is associated with lower calories consumed. Sleepers who had enough were more likely to consume fewer calories the next day. Conversely, the people who didn’t get enough rest were more likely to eat more calories the following day, causing worse weight loss outcomes.

Organic ingredients Revive Daily will help you lose weight when you rest and adhere to a nutritious fitness and diet.

The workings of Revive Sleep Formula 

Most diet supplements help to revive your daily routine by correcting the nutritional deficiencies within the body. It is made up of natural ingredients high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants essential to your hormones’ health. Once in the body, they start to work in different directions to help the body improve its performance without medication.

The sleeping cycle improves, the metabolic rate rises, cognitive functions improve, and immune system strength improves. Without further effort, the body is experiencing an overall change, like dietary adjustments or lifestyle shifts.

The function of Revive Daily is to Revive Daily sleep supplement is preventive and helps protect the body from developing illnesses, particularly sleep disorders. However, it is not an alternative treatment to medication and is not a treatment for any medical issue. Therefore, if you are experiencing sleep issues due to a condition already present, it is best to seek professional assistance before attempting to use over-the-counter remedies.

Revive the daily ingredients

Every capsule in Revive Daily contains eight active ingredients that assist you in falling asleep and experiencing the restorative sleep you deserve.

Certain ingredients can help kick-start your natural sleep cycle. Other ingredients help you relax and show an anxiety-reducing (anxiety-fighting) effect.

Here are the active ingredients of Revive Daily and how they perform, as per the manufacturer:

L-Arginine (1,200mg): 

L-arginine (1,200mg) is the most important component of Revive Daily, along with L-lysine. The servings of Revive Daily contain 1,200 mg of L-arginine, An essential amino acid for blood flow, Relaxation, Muscular development, and overall brain health. L-arginine is a blood vessel enlargement agent and aids in nitric oxide (NO) creation, making it easier for blood to circulate through your entire body. Many people consume L-arginine during an early workout because of this. L-arginine is also a fundamental building protein block, which makes it essential for cognitive and physical health. In addition, numerous studies have linked L-arginine with sleep. A research study from 2003 identified a connection between the deficiency of L-arginine and slept apnea, for instance. Likewise, an additional study found that L-arginine enhanced slow-wave sleep in rodents, suggesting they had longer and more restful sleep.

L-Lysine (1,200mg): 

L-lysine (1,200mg) is an amino acid linked to sleep. Most amino acids aren’t explicitly tied to sleep; however, L-lysine is frequently included in sleep aid supplements. Some studies suggest that L-lysine may help alleviate anxiety-related disorders in humans, allowing you to relax and fall asleep in the time of night. If you are stressed before bed, L-lysine can aid you. Even if it’s not apparent that you’re getting anxious, your body might be battling anxiety, preventing you from having a peaceful night. L-lysine from Revive Daily could aid in easing the tension.

L-Theanine (200mg): 

L-Theanine (200mg): The third major component found in Revive Daily is yet another amino acid called L-theanine. Every portion of Revive Daily contains L-theanine, an amino acid commonly found in black and green tea (and some mushrooms). Theanine is now an ingredient in many supplements. Many people use L-theanine with caffeine to form a “stack,” giving themselves the stimulant effects of coffee and the relaxing benefits of L-theanine. L-theanine also has enhancements in cognition, mood as well as stress, and anxiety, as well as other advantages. In this study from 2015, researchers discovered the consumption of 200 mg of L-theanine. Revives Daily’s exact dosage before bed significantly improved sleep quality without producing drowsiness in the middle of the day.

Ashwagandha (150mg): 

Revive Daily includes ashwagandha, which has been used as a relaxant herb for centuries. Ashwagandha is most well-known for its anti-anxiolytic and adaptogenic properties in Ayurvedic medical practices. Being an adaptogen ashwagandha may aid your body in coping with stressful situations. People who take ashwagandha daily to help with anxiety and a lot of sleep aids have an ashwagandha supplement that is potent to help relax the body before sleeping. According to this research, researchers discovered that ashwagandha helps to sleep better due to its GABAergic properties. Ashwagandha is believed to alter a neurotransmitter named GABA, which is responsible for relaxation, and sleep relaxation, making it easier to sleep when taking an ashwagandha supplement.

5-HTP (100mg): 

5 hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, is your body’s chemical from tryptophan. Tryptophan, in turn, is an amino acid essential to found in food. 5-HTP is vital for sleeping since the body converts 5-HTP into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. If you have an abundance of serotonin in the body, you’ll be much easier to sleep. Its role as a precursor to serotonin 5-HTP may affect the health of your brain and increase energy levels while helping you sleep.

Magnesium (50mg): 

Magnesium is a vital mineral in various body functions. However, it’s essential for sleep, and many supplements for rest contain magnesium to support this. In addition, research has shown that magnesium may help reduce insomnia symptoms. In an experiment involving older patients who have insomnia, the researchers discovered that taking 500mg of magnesium every day for eight weeks resulted in a substantial improvement in insomnia-related symptoms. Mainly, the patients saw improvements in their severity score for insomnia (ISI) score and sleep efficiency, sleeping time, and time to onset, among other indicators. Even though Revive Daily contains a tenth of the dose, The magnesium found present in Revive Daily can support nerve function and regulate neurotransmitter production to help you sleep.

Zinc (15mg): 

The 15mg of Revive Daily contains a substantial serving of zinc, less than the recommended daily dose (DV). Zinc is vital for producing hormones, immunity, and overall health and well-being. It’s also crucial for sleeping. Many people utilize zinc as a sleeping supplement due to its calming and antidepressant benefits. In a study, scientists found that zinc supplements in the diet act as a sleep-inducing agent. Zinc does not trigger sleep in a specific way; however, having an average amount of zinc is believed to decrease sleep latency which is the time required to sleep.

Melatonin (10mg): 

Melatonin is one of the most insignificant ingredients in Revive Daily by weight. But, it could be the most prominent ingredient due to its effect. Studies have shown that just 0.5mg up to 10mg of melatonin could cause extreme sleepiness. Melatonin is produced by your body naturally according to your circadian rhythm or the sleep/wake cycles. If your sleep-wake cycle is disrupted, your body might not be producing melatonin at the correct times and in sufficient amounts to help you fall asleep. With a dose of 10 mg of melatonin per pill, Revive Daily provides enough quantity to cause sleepiness.

What is the Revive Your Workday?

Revive Daily was designed to provide three primary goals including:

  • Help you get a restful, deep, and rejuvenating night’s sleep
  • Encourage growth hormone (HGH) production for the night to ensure anti-aging benefits
  • Help you lose weight

A good night’s rest is vital to losing weight and producing hormones and overall well-being. If you’re not sleeping well or are constantly disrupted, it may affect losing weight, hormone balance, immunity, and much more.

Revive Daily is designed to help you combat the effects of poor sleep by combining known ingredients that induce sleep. These ingredients boost your circadian rhythm, making it easier to sleep. When you’re sleeping, these ingredients help you to go into your most profound and most peaceful phase of sleep, allowing you to enjoy the most relaxation properties.

Revive Daily uses a mix of amino acids (including L-arginine and L-lysine) along with melatonin, zinc, and magnesium, along with other ingredients, to provide these advantages.

Revive Daily Benefits

According to the company and Revive Daily’s official Revive Daily website, the supplement promotes a night of restful sleep and offers a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Help you get a relaxing, rejuvenating sleep to get up refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Increase your body, mind, and metabolism for the day
  • Significantly increase the natural increase in growth hormone (HGH) production to reap mental and physical advantages
  • Enhance anti-aging effects through growth hormone (HGH) production
  • Allows fat-burning and weight loss

Revive Daily generally claims to concentrate on sleep, leading to additional benefits such as HGH production and weight reduction. Because sleep issues are the leading cause of many problems improving sleep could have significant results.

Cost of Revive Daily Cost?

Revive Daily is priced between $34 and $59 for a bottle based on the quantity you buy. The more bottles you purchase, the less you’ll have to pay to purchase Revive Daily for each bottle.

Here’s what you will have to pay when placing an order for Revive Daily online today through the official website:

  • One bottle (30 Days Supply) $59 plus $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles (90-Day Supply): $117 ($39 per) + $9.95 Shipping
  • Six Bottles (180 Days Supply) 198$ ($33 per bottle) plus Free US Shipping

Each bottle is a 30-day Supply of Revive Daily or 30 servings of Revive Daily, which equals 120 bottles in each container. Take one serving (four Refresh Daily capsules) each night, 45 to 60 minutes before bed, for a better chance of falling asleep faster and having a better sleep.

Every one of the Revive Daily purchases comes with a 60-day guarantee of money back. Contact the manufacturer to return the bottles within 60 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase of Revive Daily.

The average retail price for Revive Daily is $297 per bottle.

The Revived Daily Refund Policy

The company provides the opportunity to return your money within 60 days of any purchase made on their official site. Therefore, you get 60 days in which to determine whether to keep taking the supplement or not. If you see outcomes or results that are less effective than you initially, you may return the product to get your refund. The company is staffed with support staff to handle the refund issues. Contact the customer support rep via the contact information on the official website to seek assistance.

The refund policy is only available for orders made directly on the official website. The company is not responsible for bottles bought from other sources. The request must arrive at an organization within the first 60 days after purchase; otherwise, the company will not be able to refund anything. Therefore, do not trust anyone other than the official website for purchasing an authentic Revive Daily supplement with a 100% money-back assurance.

Dosage Information and Security in The Revive Daily Supplement

The bottle contains 30 doses and will last for the whole month. If you intend to share this supplement with another person, such as a friend, or a family member, consider purchasing a bundle pack; you need to order it again every couple of days.

The official website suggests you follow these guidelines, and each new user must go through them before taking the supplement. The most effective time to use the supplement is before bed by drinking a glass of water, and it should be taken only after any test, driving, or other activity that requires brainpower.

The results could be different for each person, as only some experience the same effects simultaneously because of the numerous variables that can be a part of the equation. 

However, most people notice an improvement in their health after four to eight weeks of using the supplement. And the results improve each day following it. So refrain from throwing away empty or partially used bottles in case you decide to take the option to refund later. Find out about the refund policy to learn how to qualify for this Revive Daily refund.


Revive Daily is an effective weight loss, sleep, and HGH formula that contains a mix of natural components.

Revive Daily may aid in HGH production, weight loss, and overall wellness and health by optimizing sleep through amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

A good night’s sleep is vital for your overall well-being. When you take Revive Daily, you can refresh your body overnight to aid in HGH production in weight loss, immune system, weight loss, and more.

To purchase Revive Daily online today, go to, where all bottles cost from $34 to $69 and are covered by a 60-day guarantee of money-back.

Review Daily Reviews of Customers’ frequently asked questions

Aren’t you sure if you would like to give it a shot? Check out the following list of questions and then take a final decision.

Does Revive Daily Formula 100% Natural?

This natural product is free of chemical additives or unnecessary substances within. The ingredients are tested and confirmed for their effectiveness and effectiveness, and there is no concern about safety with these ingredients. In combination, they provide a synergistic effect to each other and do not interfere with bodily function or cause a side result.

When can we expect to see results from Revive Daily?

The official website describes the length of time needed to achieve optimal results varies depending on the individual. It can take between 90 and 180 days before you notice changes in sleep patterns or stress levels. Because one bottle will last for a month, users should take at least three to six bottles to see positive outcomes. It is essential to use it daily as abstaining from the daily dose could cause further delays in the results.

Can You Take Revive Daily If You Take Medication?

It is recommended not to take supplements if you are already taking medication. A lot of drugs and supplements may create undesirable side consequences, which is why they are prescribed at various intervals and in different ways. Discuss with your doctor to learn more about supplements’ safety while you are being treated for any illness.

Who Can Benefit from Revive every day?

There isn’t any discrimination between the users, and users of all ages (excluding children) can utilize it. Women, men, and people who identify differently can also benefit from it, which doesn’t impact sexual orientation. In addition, its active ingredients promote relaxation and healthy rest among the users.

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