Nancy Cordes’ Weight Loss Journey: The CBS News Reporter Has Shed 20 Pounds

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Nancy Cordes Weight Loss

Welcome to our article about Nancy Cordes’ weight loss journey. According to reports, Nancy Cordes, a correspondent for CBS News, has shed around 20 pounds. According to some, she allegedly dropped weight due to a disease, while others claim she did so only by changing to a better lifestyle. For whatever reason, Nancy is in better condition than ever. Continue reading the article to see photos of Nancy Cordes’ weight reduction journey before and after.

Nancy Cordes, an American media personality among the top highly regarded journalists in America, was born on August 10, 1970. Her fame is based on her current position as CBS News’ News chief reporter for the congressional level. Every day, contributions from Nancy are distributed across all the platforms that are part of CBS News.

Cordes has covered essential topics in this role, such as intensifying the debate over President Obama’sObama’s healthcare reform. She traveled with the Obama campaign for the 2012 campaign coverage network and was crucial to CBS News’News’ congressional election coverage in 2008 and 2010.

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Nancy has also covered significant news events, including Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq War, and the 2004 election, as an ABC News reporter in New York from 2005 to 2007. She was once a Washington reporter for NewsOne, an ABC News affiliate news program (2003-04). Before joining ABC News, Cordes worked as a reporter for WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C.

The American media figure Nancy Cordes is a journalist often seen on the news. She has undergone a significant transformation, and her fans are interested in discovering how she accomplished it. So there you have all the information about Nancy Cordes’ weight loss endeavors.

Nancy Cordes: Who is She?

If you are frequently CBS, you must know Nancy Cordes. She does indeed often anchor or contributes to CBS News. In Los Angeles on August 10, 1970, Nancy Cordes.

She started her journalistic career in the middle of the 1990s when she joined KHNL TV in Hawaii as a reporter. When he joined CBS in 2007, her career then took off.

Nancy Cordes’ Weight Loss Journey

Nancy Cordes, a well-known journalist for CBS News, has 3471 followers on her official Instagram account (@nancycordes).

The journalist’sjournalist’s face has undergone a significant glow-up and weight reduction. While Nancy seems in good condition and has a positive outlook, she hasn’t shared the secret of her remarkable metamorphosis.

Some believe that she shed weight and began a healthier way of life to keep her fit and healthy, whereas others think that one of her health problems contributes to her weight reduction. Since no information on the internet suggests that the reporter is sick or has become ill, the best explanation for Cordes’s weight loss was something different.

Losing 22 pounds is difficult, particularly if you’re in your 50s. Nancy Cordes worked hard to lose weight based on her before and after photos, but she hasn’t shared her secret to pulling off such a stunning transformation. She has grabbed the interest of everyone now trying to lose weight and have a perfect figure.

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Her followers can only speculate since she has not disclosed how much she reduced weight. The journalist has begun eating well and exercising.

Also, since Nancy Cordes’ weight reduction was so drastic and happened so quickly, several others believed she had a disease. Individuals who are ill or suffer from deadly diseases may lose weight fast.

Yet, there are no official sources or indications that Nancy has a disease. As seen on television and in her Instagram photos, she seems better and healthier than before. So, Nancy Cordes losing a substantial amount of weight due to sickness is only a rumor.

Women seldom experience significant changes after becoming mothers, which is another rarity. During a mother’smother’s nine-month pregnancy, her body goes through many changes. Every woman who becomes a mother, including Nancy Cordes, undergoes a considerable weight reduction process.

Yet, specific physiological changes could come as a surprise to some women and catch them off, guard. It’sIt’s unknown whether she put on weight before being pregnant or due to genetic issues.

Nancy Cordes has undergone a stunning metamorphosis, but whatever the cause, there is no denying that she looks lovely for a lady her age. Nancy’sNancy’s admirers wish she would one day talk openly about her struggle with weight reduction and the strategy she used to make such a striking turnaround.

Health Nancy Cordes

Nancy eats nutrient- and vitamin-rich meals high in protein. Her social media postings have further shown that she follows a low-carb diet.

Dieters must be aware that meals high in protein are often included because of their advantages. The proteins may produce a sustained feeling of fullness, which reduces hunger.


No information is available on Nancy’sNancy’s fitness habits or anything else. Yet to be able to drop so much weight, you must combine physical activity with improved diet planning. Without physical exercise, losing so much importance would not be conceivable.

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However, Nancy has a hectic schedule, so she may try to fit such activities into her daily plans. She most likely runs, jogs, or walks.


Finding out why Nancy loses so much weight is a little challenging. She has never revealed her training routine, her current eating plan, or other details, so we don’tdon’t know the explanation.

Yet, it is clear that Nancy Cordes prefers a better lifestyle; therefore, it is reasonable to infer that her efforts to lose weight have been practical and are yielding positive results.


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