Kirsten vangsness’s Weight Loss Journey: From Flab to Fab

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Kirsten vangsness Weight Loss

In the health and fitness topic, there are innumerable examples of personal change that inspire and encourage. An example of this is the weight-loss journey of American actress Kirsten Vangsness. We’re here to go into depth about Kirsten Vangsness’s weight loss journey as her remarkable transformation has caught the attention of many. Self may start on your journey to a better, happier self by taking inspiration from her stories.

Have you ever pondered how Kirsten Vangsness, an accomplished actress from the popular television program “Criminal Minds,” underwent such a remarkable weight loss transformation? We will go further into Kirsten’s weight loss journey, her food and exercise routine, and the outcomes she attained in this post. Prepare to be motivated by her effort and devotion to improving herself!

Who Is Kirsten Vangsness?

The well-known American producer was born on July 7, 1972, in the US city of Pasadena, California. Her current height of 5 feet and 6 inches is not surprising to her prior fans since she grew up in front of crowds.

Later, she relocated to the Californian city of Cerritos. The young actor earned her degree from California State University, Fullerton, in 1996. She started acting as a teen to gain social confidence since she believed that people on television did not like her. She had no idea that acting would become her breakout career.

Kirsten vangsness’s Weight Loss Journey 2023

Through her weight loss and secret fitness e-book, most people follow Kirsten Vangsness’ weight loss journey through 2022. She offers free advice to help interested people lose weight by consuming the proper meals and engaging in the most effective workouts. Because of this, if Criminal Minds is your favorite show, you can see how her weight loss alters as the episodes go on.

The California State Celebrity struggled with her weight for most of her life. She began acting to combat her shyness and bullying due to this problem. The good news is that she has shed a little weight, and a happy Kristen is thrilled. She is now free to wear anything she wants to feel like a celebrity!

She is now a 36E bra size and under 150 pounds. In addition to being healthy, she is happier and an example to others in her social circle. Her eating plan is in response to the general public’s expressed inquiry.

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Kirsten vangsness’s Diet Plan

For most people, Kirsten Vangsness’ weight-loss journey is a highly regarded movie. In her battle with weight, her nutritionist’s urge to shed her bulky physique rather than follow the ideal diet plan proved beneficial. Her diet plan is well-liked since it has simple directions and quick, effective effects.

It took three years for admirers to notice significant changes in her physical appearance. 2014’s 10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards saw a leaner, Kirsten, in attendance. The six-week Full-Filled technique by Renee Stephen modifies your relationship with food and life. She said this to silence her detractors.

“I reduced my weight. Reading a book and listening to a free podcast hosted by @StephensRenee helped me achieve this. So there you have it, go out and learn.

Kirsten has nonetheless maintained a vegetarian diet for more than 20 years. Her preferred diet omitted poultry, beef, and protein drinks. Kristen chose to live a natural, healthy, and spiritual lifestyle instead of the fast fixes of popular weight-loss medications and surgical programs. Here is a quick overview of her healthy eating strategy.

Before And After Weight Loss Photos Of Kirsten Vangsness

Kirsten vangsness Weight Loss
Kirsten vangsness Weight Loss

Kirsten Vangsness weighs no more than 150 pounds while keeping her actual weight close to her chest. Her big size has, however, transformed her into a thinner and more attractive lady, as seen by her fans. She was featured on the main page of CURVE magazine because of her chubby childhood posture. She is, nevertheless, really content right now and proud of her makeover. View a quick comparison of Kirsten Vangsness’s weight loss before and after.

Who Speaks About Kirsten Vangsness’ Weight Loss?

Hot subjects dominate celebrity rumors, but Kirsten Vangsness’s weight loss astounded everyone. Her tale is selling like hotcakes and shows no signs of slowing down soon. It seems sense that she is trying to maintain her position of authority.

She stumbled into Stephen Renee’s free podcast while trying to lose a few extra pounds. She gives credit to a cutting-edge, superior weight-loss plan. For three years, the Full-Filled method kept her on her toes, and the outcomes are extraordinary. However, she adds that riding a unicorn also helped her become in shape.

The American actress had to say this about her program for encouraging weight loss.

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Is Kirsten Vangsness Married?

It’s challenging to come up with the right response to this question. Despite being a well-known person, Kirsten Vangsness keeps her marital life private. However, her connections may not be pleasant music to certain ears as a gay performer.

The bisexual native of Los Angeles, who broke up with her lover, now meets guys and is engaged. In November 2015, this American actress became engaged to Keith Hudson, disappointing some of her enemies. Since she is 49 years old and not in a rush to get married, be on the lookout for the wedding bells.

Are Shemar Moore And Kirsten Vangsness Getting Married?

It was said that Kirsten Vangsness and Shemar Moore were engaged to be married. On the other hand, Shemar sees it from a different angle; they are very good friends.

To set the record straight, Shemar met Shawna Gordan in 2014, and they have been dating ever since. There is, thus, no relationship between Shemar Moore and the lead of the Criminal Minds series.

How Much Weight Is Kirsten Vangsness?

It’s no small feat to go from a hefty 200 pounds of mass weight to a bouncy 150 pounds. This noteworthy accomplishment for plus-size celebrities encourages others who are self-conscious about their obesity. There are clues to her present weight, even if her precise weight is unknown to the general world. Recent studies put her present weight at less than 150 pounds after she lost 50 pounds.

How Did Kirsten Vangsness Lose Weight? How Did Going Spiritual Help?

The Golden Betty Award winner developed yet another method to shed her bulk. Her ties to the spiritual world helped her to calm down. However, the high point came when she and her new lover moved into a meditation retreat. She also keeps quiet about her personal life and exercises regimens following.

What Are Kirsten Vangsness’s Awards And Achievements?

Since she was a young child, Kirsten has been acting to get over her shyness. She furthermore had to avoid bullying due to her large stature. She received several prestigious accolades for her work as an actress and screenwriter.

For instance, she receives the Golden Betty Award, the 15 Minutes of Female Best Actress Award, and the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award. She has also contributed to many episodes’ writing and published several fantastic articles in the Los Angeles Times.

What Tv Shows And Movies Are On Kirsten Vangsness List?

Kristen worked non-stop as an actress and writer. She began her career by performing in a play. She was exposed more and ended up in blockbusters like The Chicago, A-list, and Kill Me. In My Sleep and Dave Made a Maze are two more. Without including the short films Tranny McGuyver, Remember to Breathe, Sarina’s Song, and Sometimes Santa’s Gotta Get Whacked, her list would be incomplete.

She has had guest appearances in several TV shows, including Phil of the Future. God Job, Shelf Life, and the Criminal Minds series are further programs.

Kirsten Vangsness: Is She On Social Media?

Yes, Kirsten Vangsness is very active on social media. People are still interested in learning Kirsten Vangsness’s weight-loss technique. Therefore, every click points to her accounts.

For instance, she has 1.3 million followers and more than 1600 posts on her Instagram feed, @kirstenvangsness. Her Twitter account is as active. @Vangsness, who has over 700k followers, is followed by 1552 users.

Today, many other celebrities use Kirsten Vangsness’ weight loss journey from 2021 as a model. In addition, it is a wonderful idea for her to lose more weight and provide helpful advice. She recovered popularity via a natural diet and exercise regimen and is now a happy and healthier person. The American actor is pleased with his weight loss of 50 pounds. What you need RIGHT NOW is her weight loss journey!


Kirsten Vangsness’s weight loss drastically changed her, and she now seems even thinner. Her weight loss secret was sticking to natural methods and avoiding bad meals. She had succeeded in shedding 60 pounds because of this.


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