Kevin Belton’s Weight Loss Journey (Workout & Diet Revealed)

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kevin belton weight loss

Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey is incredible. American chef and WWL-TV personality Kevin Belton are renowned for his outgoing attitude and passion for cuisine. However, he gained weight since he was surrounded by food.

He had to radically alter his food and workout routines to lose the unhealthy weight.

To find inspiration for our clients and readers from Kevin Belton’s method, our team spent days examining his weight loss journey.

Read on to learn how he achieved it.

Who is Kevin Belton?

In addition to being a master chef, Kevin Belton has a long list of accomplishments, including being a television host, author, and teacher at the New Orleans School of Cooking.

Kevin Belton is an experienced chef and host of two television programs on PBS, “Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Celebrations” and “Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen,” and a regular chef on WWL-TV in the mornings.

Even though he was already well-known, Kevin Belton’s popularity soared when he significantly lost weight.

People were eager to learn how the New Orleans chef shed over 130 pounds in just two years after hearing about it.

Keep reading to understand everything there is to know about Kevin Belton’s weight loss and what you may take away from it.

Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey

Kevin had previously claimed that his discovery of his pre-diabetes and high blood pressure catalyzed his weight loss.

Many made assumptions about his techniques, claiming that this extreme weight loss was due to gastric bypass surgery.

In response to these rumors, Kevin posted on social media about how to lose weight.

Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey. The celebrity chef lost 130 pounds.

How Kevin lost weight?

kevin belton weight loss
kevin belton weight loss

After being inactive on social media for an entire two years, Kevin made a triumphant return to it in 2019.

When Belton unveiled his brand-new photos, his followers went bonkers, asking what he had been up to for so long. His health was a concern for some people as well.

Despite this, he made it clear that his health was excellent. His health is a lot better than it was before.

Most of his supporters were curious about the medications he used to drop weight. However, Belton had never taken any weight-loss medications.

By following sound advice, he successfully lost weight. Kevin had shed a large amount of weight and delighted his supporters. In two years, he lost almost half of himself. He took the following actions to lose weight.

Diet Plan

Belton had less carbohydrate intake. A low-carb diet plan limits the number of carbohydrates eaten. Belton avoids eating a lot of grains, starchy vegetables, and fruits.

Kevin mentioned that he tends to eat foods high in protein but not no carbs since that is not suitable for him. He also revealed that he tries to eat less, although it is complex and requires much effort. Despite the difficulty, he believes it was worth it.

Kevin said, “It does not feel good to avoid meals you truly enjoyed eating. Getting used to new items in your diet takes time. You’ll need to work hard. But if you are aware that this is the right move to make. Not just ethically correct but also necessary. Then, adjusting is easy. He also shifted from drinking green tea to fresh juices.

Exercise Program

Kevin started a rigorous exercise routine as well. The unique aspect of Belton’s workout was that it wasn’t challenging.

He let go a little. This clarifies why Belton’s path to the physical fitness required so much time. I’ve lost 130 pounds, but it’s taken me over two years, the chef remarked on Twitter. I go to the gym daily with my wife and our dog Cookie Monster. He exercises more frequently at home with his wife despite joining a gym.


Like the majority of chefs, Kevin lives and breathes food. But he has since discovered how to control his appetite.

Patience is a valuable quality that Kevin Belton can impart to us. If you want to keep your weight off or improve your health, Kevin’s strategy can help.

You can follow his diet plan and get some positive results. Obesity is a significant problem in the modern world, affecting many people.

The pleasures of the modern world are to blame for everything, but unhealthy fast food also plays a significant role. I hope Kevin’s story motivates you to fight obesity.


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