How do I weight lose 30 lbs in 15 days?

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The diet was highly successful in the 90s, and the reasons are simple: it will weight lose 30 lbs within 15 days.

Its menu is composed of ham, coffee, and eggs.

It is possible to have it done for just 15 days because if the procedure is performed for longer, it could cause the patient to develop heart and kidney problems.

Additionally, there are other adverse consequences, like fatigue and constipation, lousy breath, headaches, and physical and emotional stress.

Additionally, you are starving yourself because the meals are small (only three), and the portions aren’t huge.

This is why the “miracle” that is this diet has become in the news.

Even more so when you consider the weight loss it triggers isn’t due to burning fat, but rather to lose the volume of fluids and muscle mass.

If you return to your regular diet, you’ll likely gain all the weight you lose.

If you’re still keen to follow this diet despite all of this, we’ll provide you with an idea of a menu below.

1st day:

  • Breakfast A cup of black coffee with sweetener
  • Lunch 2 eggs hard-boiled and a variety of vegetables
  • Dinner: salad of lettuce with cucumber

2nd day:

  • Breakfast: black coffee, sugar, and biscuits with water.
  • Lunch 1 large steak and fruit salad (as much as you like)
  • For dinner: York ham (as much as you like)

3rd day:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with water biscuits
  • Lunch includes 2 eggs that have been hard-boiled with green bean salad and 2 toasts
  • The meal: York ham and salad

4th day:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with water biscuits
  • Lunch Includes: 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 carrot, and fresh cheese of your choice
  • For dinner, fruit salad and natural yogurt

5th day:

  • Breakfast Raw carrots squeezed with lemon and black coffee
  • Dinner: Chicken grilled and cooked to your preference
  • Dinner: 2 eggs hard-boiled with carrots

6th day:

  • Breakfast: coffee and cookies with breakfast
  • Lunch: Fish fillets with tomatoes to your taste
  • Dinner: 2 eggs that have been hard-boiled with carrots

7th day:

  • Breakfast: lemon and coffee
  • Lunch: grilled steak served with fruits of your choice
  • Dinner: what you like with a minimum of sweets and alcoholic drinks.

After you have completed 7 days of fasting, you will have to begin over beginning from the beginning until you’ve completed 14 days. After day 15, you can get back to regular eating routines.

I drink coffee, water, and infusions throughout the day.

The vegetables that are allowed include lettuce and watercress.

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