Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Journey Before and After

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Eleanor Neale weight loss

Eleanor Neale’s remarkable weight loss transformation astounds! Fans of the British YouTuber, well-known for her vlogs and lessons on cosmetics, have been in awe at her dramatic transformation.

Many believe surgery may have contributed to Her weight loss, even though she hasn’t revealed the specifics of Eleanor Neale’s weight loss journey. No matter what she does, Eleanor looks fantastic. Her fans can’t wait to watch her inspiring transformation. Eleanor, keep up the great work

Who is Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale gained fame after joining YouTube in 2016. She often posts videos about mystery and cosmetics. Her YouTube followers have surpassed 2.4 million as of this writing. Also, her videos have received more than 360 million views.

Eleanor Neale, a 23-year-old from England, was born on January 24, 1999. Despite her tender age, she shows immense promise and potential. She spends much time online on sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Eleanor Neale’s weight has changed recently, which many of her followers have noticed.

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Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Before After

It is unmistakable to those who have seen Eleanor Neale’s most recent videos that her figure has changed drastically, losing a substantial amount of weight. But, if you’re beginning to follow her work, you may be startled to hear that she was sometimes more thin and curvy than society would have you believe.

Eleanor Neale weight loss
Eleanor Neale weight loss

However, she was overweight instead. She knew this for sure. In any case, she didn’t appear to care. She didn’t seem to be concerned about her weight, which is lovely but unusual, particularly considering that most obese women seem to be very self-conscious and have poor self-esteem since society has established that slim bodies are the standard for beauty.

The audience was taken aback when they witnessed her body size’s unexpected and drastic transformation. Likewise, her weight drop took everyone aback, mainly because such a dramatic weight loss cannot occur overnight.

Eleanor Neale formerly weighed 85 kilos, but according to many accounts, she is now about 60 kg. Eleanor Neale so shed almost 20 kg in a short time. Then, many people assume that she has had weight-loss surgery.

Only true crime tales and cosmetics have ever been Eleanor Neale’s interests. Also, her weight loss has drawn additional attention from her fans since she had never spoken or indicated that she was trying to reduce weight.

She often discussed her weight in tweets. Several people, according to her, said Eleanor Neale was overweight. But she said that it was her idea of what she does regarding content creation.

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Eleanor Neale weight loss For Surgery

Everyone is raving about Eleanor Neale’s incredible weight loss physical transformation! The well-known YouTuber, famous for her fantastic makeup tutorials and vlogs, startled viewers with her abrupt shift. Although Neale has been mute regarding the weight loss process, as we discussed above, many fans believe that weight loss surgery may have played a part.

For individuals seeking dramatic, rapid results, weight loss surgery is a trendy and straightforward alternative. After a few weeks of the operation, patients may usually resume their normal activities. However, long-term lifestyle modifications are also significant to benefit from the process entirely.

Although Neale hasn’t acknowledged or denied if she had weight loss surgery, there’s no denying the fact that she looks stunning and fantastic. Followers continue to speculate about the specifics of her metamorphosis and can’t wait to witness more of her incredible and inspirational story. We wish Eleanor Neale the best of luck in her adventure, regardless of the approach!

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What Made Eleanor Neale Famous?

On January 24, 1999, Eleanor Neale was born in Yorkshire, a traditional county in Northern England. In March 2016, she launched her YouTube account. And up to this point, she has accumulated over two million followers and released over 280 videos.

According to her beauty vlogs, James Charles served as her inspiration for her cosmetics instructions. She started creating makeup tutorials when James’s makeup tutorials became well-known. Her most renowned tutorial was “Makeup Bag Exchange with a 12-Year-Old!”

She did succeed in drawing people to her films, and soon she was averaging around 100 viewers every episode. However, she needed help when attempting to grow her subscriber base. Unfortunately, that was the limit of her success.

She knew she had created those cosmetic ingredients to the best of her ability. However, she then became aware of her flaws. She knew that if she continued to practice the art of cosmetics, she would never be able to advance.

Eleanor Neale decided to change up her material. She began producing videos on real-life crimes. Unfortunately, once she subscribed to Netflix, her preoccupation with killings worsened.

To show her interest, she produced a series of movies about tragic deaths, including those of Amanda Todd, Paige Doherty, Becky Watts, Tia Sharp, and the Hello Kitty Murder. These films have gained her notoriety.

Also, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s nonprofit Thorn will get 100% of the revenues from Eleanor Neale’s Where Is YouTube series’ merchandise sales.


Eleanor Neale’s dramatic weight loss makeover has captivated people’s attention but hasn’t prevented her from following her hobbies. The British YouTuber Eleanor Neale is well-known for posting intriguing material on unsolved murder cases and actual crime, and she has even gained notoriety in the influencer marketing industry. Eleanor is intent on sharing her ideas with her audience and getting their support, despite the attention of her admirers. As she continues to cause a stir online, keep an eye on this astute emerging star.

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How old is the YouTuber Eleanor Neale?

The 23-year-old popular British YouTuber Eleanor Neale is well-known for her informative videos about crime, cosmetics, and vlogs.

What is Eleanor Neale’s occupation?

YouTuber Eleanor Neale, whose actual crime videos have amassed over 131 million views, has joined The Love/Hate Club podcast to detail her work as an investigator in detail. She first made her name on YouTube as a cosmetics artist.

Haunting of Hill House: With whom did Eleanor reside?

Eleanor, along with Montague, Luke, and Theodora, genuinely live in isolation at Hill House with Eleanor in The Haunting of Hill House. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley, the home’s guardians, decline to spend the night there.


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