Cristela Alonzo’s Weight Loss Journey Before and After

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Cristela Alonzo weight loss

Cristela Alonzo’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to everybody. She is motivating not because she adores arbitrary beauty standards but because she made it plain that she wouldn’t cut calories to look better.

Throughout her stand-up routines, stand-up comedian Cristela Alonzo has often made jokes about her weight and dimensions. Yet it turns out that she began her weight-loss journey for medical reasons.

Cristela Alonzo Before and After

A well-known comedian, Cristela Alonzo, achieved success through skill and hard work. She is also the first woman of Latino descent to write, produce, and star in an American primetime program.

Cristela first made her name as a stand-up comedian before becoming well-known for her self-titled television series.

While this is the more positive aspect of her career, she was also a victim of body shaming.

Cristela Alonzo was an overweight young woman with great skill and a strong commitment to her work.

She began her weight reduction journey in 2014 and lost between 15 and 16 kg.

Cristela Alonzo’s objective was to maintain a weight of 150 pounds (68 kg), which she could do.

If we look at Cristela’s prior pictures, we can observe that she was 167 cm tall and weighed somewhere between 83 and 82 kg.

Cristela weighs between 68 and 67 kg, as seen in her after-weight-loss photos.

She didn’t reduce her weight by 30 to 40 kg to look like a model. For the better, Cristela Alonzo lost several pounds.

Cristela Alonzo’s weight loss journey.

Alonzo opened the post by stating that she had dropped one size in her apparel, and that accomplishment alone made her feel fantastic.

She had begun to dislike the meals she had formerly enjoyed since she was so preoccupied with maintaining her fruit and vegetable-rich diet.

She continued by informing her followers through her post that she disliked the flavor of various components of her former diet.

“My clothing now fits me smaller. That feels wonderful. I continue dropping weight even though I’m at my lowest point in eight years. It’s not simple, but I’ve noticed that now that I’m really monitoring what I eat—eating a lot more fruit and vegetables—I find it difficult to tolerate the flavor of some of the foods I used to like.”

Alonzo uploaded two images of her exercise and diet, which were essential to her weight-reduction plan, with a motivational message. The stand-up comedian looked sweaty and fresh from the gym in the first photo.

Why did Cristela Alonzo Lose So Much Weight?

When we take into account what Cristela just said, it is evident that she wants to live a happy life and that she wants to feel pleased when she goes to a clothing store.

When the shop clerk informs a customer, “This dress is not available in your size,” nobody wants to feel ashamed.

Her motivations are very straightforward; before, Cristela Alonzo had a close call with death due to her heavy weight.

She was thus motivated to reduce weight by several things, including her health.

How much has Cristela Alonzo lost in weight?

Cristela Alonzo, whose target weight was 150 lbs, has reduced around 15 to 16 kg and is now at 68 kg.

Did Cristela Alonzo have Diabetes?

There is no confirmed evidence of Cristela Alonzo’s diabetes. She remarked that diabetes and heart disease runs in her family’s medical history.

Yet a person with diabetes often loses a lot of weight. We were still unsure of the specifics of her medical background.


As a result, we went into great detail on Cristela Alonzo’s weight loss journey in this post.

Everyone was probably stunned when they saw her before and after photos. Yet everything is real; we can even distinguish the differences between Cristela Alonzo’s middle-class and working-class comedies.

And Cristela Alonzo has become a significant source of motivation for those trying to reduce weight.


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