Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss: His Weight Loss Journey

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Billy Gardell Weight Loss

The topic of Billy Gardell’s weight loss has gone viral among his worldwide fans.

The actor of the CBS comedy Mike and Molly, Billy Gardell, has struggled with weight gain. In interviews, he has highlighted that he “ate his way through Hollywood.”

But lately, Gardell decided to take control of his weight and began a comprehensive health makeover that has resulted in his losing roughly 138 pounds.

Check out Billy Gardell’s weight loss and impressive physical transformation.

Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey

Billy Gardell’s battle to lose weight began in 2011 when he was told he had Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

A group of professionals supported him along the process. The team includes Laleh Mohajerani, Dolvett Quince, a famous fitness trainer, Franklin Becker, an author of a Type 2 diabetes cookbook, and Marlene Boas (certified diabetes educator).

Billy Gardell lost 30 pounds from 350 pounds because of his dedication to his Type 2 Diabetes management therapy and weight reduction program. That was well up until the Covid-19 epidemic hit.

After the coronavirus epidemic, Billy started to lose more weight after realizing that his way of life and weight made him prone to getting the illness. And this time, he wasn’t going to approach it usually.

He weighed more than 300 pounds before the start of Bob Hearts Abishola season one (2019), but he has lost more than 100 pounds. Billy Gardell is currently 212 pounds in weight. He told Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, “I’m fighting middleweight these days.”

Interestingly, the second-season star, Folake Olowofoyeku (Abishola), has also shed several pounds since the show’s debut.

How did Billy Gardell lose weight?

Billy used the weight loss drug Ozempic, exercised often, and altered his diet during his first attempt at weight loss (which began in 2011). He lost the first 30 pounds thanks to his regimen and lifestyle adjustments.

He started experimenting with new things, such as preparing healthier meals for himself, reducing his intake of drinks, barbeque, and pizza, and increasing his physical activity.

Billy used a different strategy the second time he decided to continue losing weight while on Covid. This time, he chose a risky procedure called bariatric weight reduction surgery. He shed 100 pounds as a result of the procedure’s effectiveness.

Billy acknowledges that he was considering surgery because he had “become so fat it ached to exercise.” We like Billy Gardell’s terrific appearance and healthy weight nowadays.

How much weight has actor Billy Gardell lost?

Billy Gardell’s initial effort at weight loss resulted in a loss of 30 pounds. In 2011, the actor weighed 350 pounds, but that number has since decreased to about 320 pounds. He shed 100 pounds following his weight reduction procedure during Covid years later.

Since 2011 till now, Billy has shed a total of 130 pounds. Because of this, he is no longer considered obese or overweight and is now in the healthy weight range.

Billy Gardell’s diet plan

Billy Gardell said he made an effort to eat less but found it challenging due to the kind of cuisine he liked. But he needed to control his appetite, particularly for lousy food.

His new diet, which included vegetables, lean meats, and some carbohydrates like rice or oatmeal, was made possible by his dietician.

Vegetables are excellent for losing weight due to their low-calorie count and high fiber content. Lean meats are an even better choice for those trying to watch their calorie intake. Additionally, oatmeal promotes intestinal health, reduces weight, and lowers cholesterol. Oatmeal also contains high levels of fiber and zinc.

As long as he kept quantities modest, Billy didn’t need to check calories. Billy didn’t eat any carbohydrates at supper since they may lead to blood sugar rising later.

Billy Gardell’s favorite recipes

These are now Billy Gardell’s top recipes:

  • Stir-fried chicken, mixed vegetables, and brown rice.
  • Pancakes made with oatmeal and blueberries (a variant of Billy’s recipe).
  • Smoked salmon with dill and lemon juice.

Billy eats a lot more veggies now than he did before. Billy’s favorite veggie is broccoli, but he has discovered a lot of other delicious types since eating more vegetables in general.

Lessons from Billy Gardell’s weight loss

1. Workout

Billy Gardell follows an exercise regimen designed specifically for Type 2 diabetes patients. Billy could stay up and accomplish his objectives with Dolvett, his fitness trainer.

Regardless of whether you have diabetes, exercise is essential for weight reduction. Exercise helps to enhance calorie burn, improve core strength, reduce stress and sadness, and develop resistance.

Among the workouts that promote weight loss are:

  • Weight activity
  • Interval workout
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Swimming

2. A nutritionist

He had a nutritionist who gave him ideas for wholesome foods as one of the specialists helping him reduce weight. A nutritionist may aid with weight reduction.

Your workout program will benefit from a healthy diet; outcomes usually improve with continued use.

3. Life Mentor

Billy also worked with a life coach who inspired him and determined to control his diabetes and be in better shape.

According to Billy Gardell, having a life coach to speak to and push you might give you the mental boost and perseverance you need.

A life coach may assist you in defining your objectives, identifying the barriers preventing you from achieving them, and developing plans for conquering each one.

It’s Alright to Get Surgery

Billy decided to get surgery because he believed it was his best chance to reduce weight gain. It’s ok if you desire something for yourself, but be sure you’re acting in your best interests and not just because Billy did.

Low-calorie diets with fewer calories and a regular exercise plan are the best and healthiest strategies to reduce weight.


Billy Gardell lost almost 270 pounds after being fat, overweight, and unwell.

He altered his eating habits by avoiding processed foods and ensuring that all his meals were nutritious and fresh. He committed to being physically active daily and made it a part of his routine.

Both his waistline and general health have improved due to his lifestyle adjustments. If your objective is to lose weight, we hope it motivates you to change.

And if you determine that having surgery is the best option for losing weight, go through with it.


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