Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss: (2022) Before and After

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Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss

English TV star Angel is also an author, online influencer, designer, producer, and businessperson. She is the spouse of Dick Strawbridge, a well-known British TV personality and former army officer. After purchasing the Neo-Renaissance-style château Château de la Motte-Husson, Angle rose to fame.

In addition, Strawbridge is renowned for hosting tea parties. Another factor has been driving Strawbridge’s appeal during the last several years. Angel shed more than 15 kg (33 pounds) over time, bringing her back into the news spotlight.

Fans were stunned when Angel posted fresh images showing off her improved figure. They were curious as to what had taken place. But now that her lifestyle has been examined, it is clear that Strawbridge was trying to lose weight by leading a better lifestyle.

Who is Angel Strawbridge?

Her birthday is April 1978, and she was born in East London. She is a British author and businesswoman from East London who is best known by her stage name, Angel Adoree.

She owns and runs The Vintage Patisserie, one of her most well-known companies. Angel has always had a deep love for all things retro.

The young woman bought antique apparel from secondhand shops when she was barely thirteen.

As a business studies specialist and professional accountant, Angel spent some time advising corporations on profit and loss in London.

She started as an image consultant at the Aston+Hayes Institute. A year later, she launched The Vintage Patisserie, an online store, and event space.

Angel’s brand recognition improved immediately after receiving finance from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den.

Angel Strawbridge’s Weight Loss Journey

Fans were in shock and surprise when the fresh images of Angel circulated online. So how did the 19th-century chateau owner manage to slim down? Well, by consuming wholesome foods and working out often. Along the way, she enlisted her husband Dick’s assistance.

Angel’s Diet Plan

Limiting her sugar intake was Strawbridge’s first and key weight loss strategy. She stopped eating commercial food and started eating fresh, wholesome meals that she produced herself. A salad dish was a need for Strawbridge’s lunch and supper.

At every meal, Strawbridge drank a glass of fresh fruit juice in addition to the salad. Of course, Angel consumed other foods as well. Angel lost weight by sticking to her diet plan and consuming only nutritious foods.

Angel’s Exercise Weight Loss Program

Losing weight involves more than just sticking to a diet. A regular exercise schedule is also essential. Angel engaged in a lot of cardiac exercises. She sometimes cycled and went swimming as well.


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Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Diet Plan

Everyone may adhere to the Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss eating plan. It is a simple, effective strategy, regardless of whether you are attempting to lose weight for the first time or have been dieting for a while.

It emphasizes physical activity and eating wholesome meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

When making your weight loss plan, the Angel Strawbridge diet described below might be a great source of inspiration:


The most important meal of the day for Angel, she never missed it. She had a bowl of porridge with blueberries, almonds, and—in that order—oats for breakfast. In addition to following a healthy diet like hers, it’s crucial to avoid consuming processed foods, sweets, and drinks with added sugar. Because Angel had her own company and was a full-time mother, she prepared her meals.


Typically, Angel Strawbridge keeps it high in protein and even vegetables. She had a lot of lemon juice with her salad and fish.


His supper included roasted chicken breast, steamed vegetables, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, and baked sweet potatoes with seasonings.


After every exercise, I had a protein smoothie and some almonds; my pre-workout food was an oatcake or an apple. A watermelon snack followed the strength training.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss After and Before

Angel had experienced a significant increase in energy and general self-confidence due to her weight reduction.

With that stated, she has accomplished the objectives she set process and has benefited much from the love and support of her family, friends, and followers on social media.

She had shed 15 kg, according to a post-Angel she shared with her pals. She used to weigh 80 kg.


In successfully losing weight, Angel Strawbridge developed a lifestyle that will keep you active and healthy and give you dazzling skin. Because Angel Strawbridge shed 15 kg in a short time, so her weight loss results were utterly gratifying.

It’s also important to note that Angel did not starve herself or use any other dangerous methods throughout her voyage; instead, she ate wholesome meals and engaged in calorie-burning exercises. Due to her dedication and hard work in reducing weight, Angel is a role model for others and a motivator for individuals who lack confidence in themselves.


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